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The authorised use of the data displayed through is aimed at informational and educational purposes only. They can not be used for commercial purposes nor for compliance checking with EU regulations. In addition, this information is not aimed at replacing exisiting local air quality data but at informing the general public under a common and easily understandable way.
CITEAIR being financed by public funds, its results are to be made available to a large public but the activities and the related results are thus of a non-commercial character. They can not be used for commercial purposes nor for compliance checking with the regulation. In order to ensure those objectives and the consistency for the public of information based on CITEAIR results or methodology from different users, a licence procedure is available free of charge. It must be signed prior to any use of CITEAIR products, and especially the air quality indices.

CITEAIR and it's partners are the sole and exclusive owner of all rights, title and interest in and to all databases, maps, graphics, files and other data created and displayed in Source information (raw data, maps, files etc.) remain the property of the corresponding local authority, monitoring network or national institute which are also responsible for their data quality control.

In no event shall CITEAIR and it's partners be liable for any damages including damages resulting from lost data or lost profits of revenue, the costs of recovering such data, the costs of substitute data, claims by third parties or for other similar costs arising out of the use of the data.


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The licence has to be granted by all Citeair partners.
If your request fulfils the requirements of CITEAIR use, you will get a confirmation mail with this electronic version of the Licence Notice.

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