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Environmental Situation
The city of Maribor is situated on both sides of the river Drava with the mountain plateau Pohorje on the west and wine-growing hilly region on the north.

The climate is continental. Average yearly temperature (in the period 1961-2006) measured in Maribor is 10°C, the warmest month being July (20.1°C) and the coldest January (-0.8°C). On average there are 1027 mm of precipitation per year.

Air quality in Maribor is improving from year to year. The concentrations of SO2, CO, heavy metals have been for many years significantly under the limit values. Also the concentrations of NO2, benzene and benzo(a)pyrene were under the limit values but above upper assessment threshold. Ozone concentrations in the city are low without exceeding the target value. Like in most of Europe PM10 is the major pollutant. But in last years we have noticed clear improvement; in 2009 yearly and daily limit values were not exceeded.

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