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Air Quality Assessment
The city of Maribor began with air quality measurements in 70's when SO2 and dust particles were pollutants with very high concentrations, since Maribor was very industrial city at the time. The monitoring systems have been constantly upgraded. At the time we have two measuring networks (state and city) which cover all the required pollutants and operate with the required reference measuring techniques. We have three measuring stations (in the centre of the city, on the dense populated suburban and on the mountain plateau near the city). Measuring pollutants are NO, NO2, NOx, CO, benzene, O3, PM10, heavy metals (Pb, Cd, As, Ni) and polyaromatic hydrocarbons (b(a)p) in PM10 and PM2,5 as well as the meteorological parameters.

All the results are available online (Municipality of Maribor in Slovenian language) or (Environmental Agency of the Republic of Slovenia in Slovenian language). Other results (such as daily concentrations of PM2,5 and analysis of metals and PAH's) as well as reports are also available on these websites.

The main sources of pollutants are: transport, household heating and industry. We do not have detailed emission inventory yet.

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